What Is Buzzcut

Buzzcut is the simplest way to find out what's going on around town and plan a night out. It's a mobile service that delivers timely offers and announcements from local restaurants, bars, tap rooms and music venues. It evolves upon popular "daily deals" in its real-time connection, transactional model and ultra-simple experience.

For the customer, the service, and the money-saving offers found in it, are free. For establishment owners and operators, total control of creating, scheduling and optimizing offers is at their fingertips, and the payment model doesn't gouge profits. In short, Buzzcut is a win-win for proprietors and people looking to plan their night.



New Service Delivers Timely Offers and Announcements From Restaurants, Bars, and Tap Rooms Through a Swipe-Based App Experience- Read More

Fun Facts:

• Buzzcut's cards-based swipe interface and neighborhood search make exploring dining and entertainment options effortless.
• The service is launching in the Twin Cities, where its founders live and love to enjoy its thriving food and drink scene.
• Establishments can run offers everyday or as little as they'd like. It's about putting butts in seats when needed.
• Speaking of offers, partners can launch them in real-time. Sense a slow night due to weather? Fire up a deal.
• Buzzcut offers free trial memberships to all potential partners. We believe once they try it, its ease and value will speak for itself.
• The Buzzcut app, and all offers found in it, are 100% free to users.

Establishments Currently Featured

• Stanley's Northeast Ballroom
• Marin Restaurant
• Nico's Tacos and Tequila Bar
• Mason's Restaurant Barre
• Fulton Tap Room
• First Avenue
• 612Brew
• 331 Club
• Nomad Pub
• Bauhaus Brew Labs
• Birchwood Cafe
• Indeed Brewing
• Amsterdam Bar
• The Turf Club
• Lush Food Bar
• Dixie's on Grand
• D'Amico & Son's
• Cork's Irish Pub
• The Bulldog Northeast
• Pancho Villa
• Pig and Fiddle
• Beacon Public House
• Senor Wong
• Pizza Nea
• Salut Bar Americain
• Mission American
• Masa
• Barrio
• Chatterbox Pub
• Bryant Lake Bowl
• Erte
• Bagu Sushi
  and many more...


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